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Friday, 25 February 2011

Essence of the Modern Lady

Having an awful lot to do today and no inclination to do any of it, I thought a little bit of creativity might give me a kick start this grey Friday.

Having not written before and not being an especial fan of "poems" I'm not inclined to call this one... but what it is instead I do not know.

The Essence of the Modern Lady

She loves cosmetics, but isn't afraid to be seen out without
Pumps the tyres up on her own car, but is grateful for having it done for her
Her family is her world, but not everything

Her busy life leaves her tired, but not too tired to make time for a little luxury
She bakes, launders, cleans and cooks - but is not a slave to it
She looks after herself and her figure, yet not at all afraid of a treat

She loves and relies on her friends, yet not lives in their pockets
She's proud of her home, even though it's not a show home
She doesn't even want a show home

She shares and cares without being a martyr
Makes and creates, to show others they're loved
but why on earth not splash out to celebrate.

Exercise keeps us young and fresh, being "ripped" is revolting
Garments, are just that - we'd feel confident in a black sack
"But I'll just have a little look in that shop - there's a sale on, you know."

We love to socialise, but we don't live for it
"Actually I'd quite like some time on my own now"
She looks better now than she did as a teenager.

She wouldn't change a thing she has no power to change,
but may choose to change the things she does

She counts her blessings, of which she has many
and takes pride in the part she has played

She is proud, fallible, tough, sensitive and Female.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I probably shouldn't be blogging today as I'm a bit cross.

I struggle getting my head around double crossers and people that sell you out. But just because I don't make a habit of doing that, doesn't mean others don't. And unfortunately we women are kind of known for it. Anyone who thinks that we mellow as we get older is sadly mistaken - some get meaner.

But I stand by what I say - I always think that very little can go wrong in blog land if you blog as if your entry is going to be published on the front page of the Times.

I think that the best we can do in life is surround ourselves with like-minded individuals. It's tricky when people want you for what you can do for them only, but eventually they show themselves as they really are.

As my good friend says "differences of opinion I can deal with - mean-ness I can't". Yes I'm passionate, but not offensive, I say what I mean but not maliciously.

I've had a lovely couple of days away up north with the family - I got to go Dickens nerding at Dotherboys Hall and Greta Bridge AND Bram Stoker nerding at Whitby. Now THAT's what I call a good weekend! How rock and roll am I?!?

Now I'm home - what can I start making.....?

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sisters of NO MERCY!

Today I mostly spent four hours in a soul destroying meeting. I detest and despise "business" meetings. You can generally sort out what you need to in about a quarter of the time if you put your mind to it, but in this case it could have been done in an eighth.

I can't pretend to have been in a good mood when I excused myself after four hours, but as usual my good mate Jessy-pants put a positive spin on things.

I related the story about it stating that it was a total waste of four hours of my life. She replied that it was NOT a waste of four hours of my life, it was four hours of pointed reminders of how not to conduct "business" meetings in our new venture...

No one likes a smart arse. :-D

Things have been a little quiet of late in blog-land, having had a few things to sort out.

One of them being my new group. A young, (in spirit) dynamic, forward thinking, progressive ladies social group.

We're called Twisted Sisters and we're a co-operative group. I'm the facilitator, but everyone helps to drive it where we want to take it. We have a venue, business cards, car stickers, a brilliant idea for Twisted Sister Rugby Shirts, now all we need is some brilliant no or low cost ideas for our first couple of meetings while we collect a few quid together to pay guest appearance expenses. Any ideas are very welcome!

I've not made a lot recently, apart from a lot of mess. I guess that's how things go, though. Life is a series of fluctuations and at the moment, I'm not feeling all that creative - not in the craft sense anyway.

My tattoo is now finished (I think I've been putting my creative juices into thinking about my next one) and I'm thrilled with it. My brilliant niece off of CrownHeartStar fame Bex's Brilliant Blog is busy hand painting my leather jacket for me to collect on the weekend when we go for a few days with the outlaws and I'm mega excited about that. Especially having just had a sneak preview.

It's funny, sometimes you think you're having some time to "get back in your bucket" and you inadvertently get into the wrong bucket ... I think I'm in the wrong one at the moment, or I could just be far too busy for my own good ... either way, I need to get back in touch with the creativity.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Rock Stars and Revelations

My breakfast table this morning...

Ten miles today - five there, bit of dinner with my mate, five miles back. My bum hurts. That is all.

But while I was in town I did manage to pick up the brass curtain rings I need to make my bedroom blind, so I can crack on with that. Shortly. I think I have all I need.

Last night we had some friends who are in a very promising up and coming rock band to stay. I must be honest, walking into my living room this morning to much eyeliner, hair and tattoo sleeves was a wonderful thing and certainly warmed the cockles, even though they only managed to drink a poultry 6 cans of beer between five of them and one was half full still!

I stayed up until half one, crocheting, as you do, for them to get back from their gig with my teenager but they got in too late for me so I took myself off to sleep, waking and getting up early to do all the cleaning up - only to find that they had done it! Crap rock stars they are!

...and they left their banana cake behind.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Another New Love

I never ever thought exercise could ever be pleasurable in any way. I despise the gym, detest classes, running with my knockers - I don't think so.

So who'd have thought I could fall in love with something I've been doing (nearly) all my life? Walking.

It started a week or so ago, it was a nice day, I'd been saying for years that I was going to walk down to the butchers etc, so I did. And it was so enjoyable, I've been doing it ever since.

I've always wanted to get "addicted" to exercise - I think I am addicted to walking. And the wetter and windier the better - which is kind of lucky at the moment!

Going to get ready and go out for one now ...

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Who Are We To Judge?

I had this blog planned out in my head this morning about how women constantly never cease to amaze me at how much we cram into our lives and the responsibilities we have. A woman's work really isn't ever done, unless you have an army of support staff waiting in the wings.

But I just got side tracked whilst seeing what's going on in the world on the double edged sword that is Facebook.

I happened to notice that some of my friends were "friends" with Cher Lloyd - the Cheryl Cole wannabe off of Zzzzz Factor, for some reason I was drawn to have a look at the pages she has. I would never say that I was a fan in any way but I think it's inevitable that she's going to be around for a while at least whether we like it or not.

I had a little peruse of her photos and things and looked over the comments people had left.

As I said, I'm no fan, but I don't know how these people think that their sort of behaviour is acceptable! These people do not know this poor child, never will and the hate and venom they spouted towards her was just utterly awful. Why would anyone do that?! Let alone hundreds of them?!

It was a bit of a shock to me after I accidentally read the comments on the Sun website about me and my New Year's Day story, and there were some mean people interested in nothing but appearing superior and belittling to their peers. I don't understand why people feel the need to do that, and why these people think that their judgemental and offensive opinions are of any interest to anyone. And that was just about me, doing my thing, hurting or affecting no one.

But, I guess it's part of human nature, to judge things and people we know nothing about. I don't go in for organised religions in any way, but I whole heartedly support the fighting of or human tendency to belittle and judge others in order to bridge a gap in our self esteem. But do you know what? It doesn't work.

And who'd have thought a tattoo could loose you a friend? But it can. Fortunately, I'm prepared to pay that price as I have plenty that love me for who I am, myself included.

Come on people, be nice. Please?