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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

We Made It Through ...

He's home, we're in and once again, life has many lessons to teach me.

Last year, I embarked on a year of "not buying anything". Thank heavens for that. Little did I know at that time what was around the corner for us in terms of serious, debilitating illness and major downsizing.

Our little bungalow is "bijou" to say the least. The biggest bedroom we donated to the teenager of the house due to her spending a lot of time in it, leaving us in the smaller room where we don't actually have any room for a wardrobe. I have employed crafty storage ideas utilizing boxes, under bed storage, shelving and I have turned (am in the process of turning) the airing cupboard (known to us as "the chokie") into a multi-rail wardrobe facility. If I thought I've had to be ruthless before now with giving things away, I had NO idea. I've had to get rid of things that I really do like and use, perhaps not all the time or as much as other things, but things I'd have preferred not to have given away. And my goodness, how liberating it is.

Of course the downside to the non-buying year was, as I have talked about before, the "useful" things that I collected - a huge amount of them. I simply can't do that here. Where I used to make huge vats of tomato sauces and things, I have to employ a much more "as required" attitude, maybe three or four at a time, and I have to use everything as there's just no room for accumulation. Perhaps this is the real incarnation of what I wanted to achieve last year.

As usual, I continue to learn, adapt and overcome, here's to the status quo!