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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Long Time - No Blog

So that's the first of the big weekends over and done with, and not in the most spectacular style.

Tonsillitis at a festival is not cool. At all. I can barely remember any of it, I was in such a daze for pretty much all of it dealing with the incredible pain and misery. Lucky enough, a second disaster was averted, Jane picked up with a migraine at the end of the first day, but thanks to some super mad painkillers that we needed more of, disaster averted.

51 1/2 weeks I've been waiting for this weekend and deciding what to wear, how to do my make up etc, etc, etc. On the 3rd day I was secretly crying in bed because I didn't want to go. Gutted. Serves my own right for overdoing things I guess.

So I never got to wear my 1940's headscarf, or most of the things I'd made/altered for the event. On the last day I didn't blow dry my hair, put make up on or anything remotely nice. I just wanted to be at home. That feeling sucks. On that same day, to demonstrate how poorly I was, everyone was in bikinis as it was boiling. I had on footless tights (70 denier), denim shorts, black linen trousers, a vest, two jumpers, a long sleeved t shirt and a pashmina and I was still SO cold I wrapped myself in my rain poncho for extra warmth. The sun was so hot that I got the worst sunburn of the weekend that day on my legs, through the tights, shorts and trousers. Unbelievable.

So my not buying anything wasn't as much of a big deal as I had thought, to be honest. I just didn't have the energy for it if I could have bought something. Although when I was starting to go downhill on the second day, I had to buy some long socks and a blanket as my two jumpers and pashmina weren't doing the job well enough. I was annoyed about that, but you just can't pack for all eventualities. Sometime or other you're going to get caught out.

On the plus side, my surrogate son had a marvelous time and managed to secure himself some kick-ass footage of himself on the second stage with 30 Seconds to Mars! I don't think there are many that could say that.

But anyway, I'm back, back to regular bogging and about to find a really cool programme on R4 I heard on Thursday as I was getting ready to go. Will share when I find.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Six months in, already. Not purchased anything I don't need for six whole months. And I still can't wander around Wilkinsons! That bloomin' shop, honestly. It makes me want to buy everything, all it's lovely, fashionable house stuff and reasonable prices! That's my downfall, house stuff. I had to go there today for exercise books and pens for my pet teenager - I have to put up imaginary blinkers in there still. I have found a local shop in Newbridge that sells Kilner jars, so that's one less thing I need to go in there for. I'm gradually building my stock of them as I do so much cooking to sterilise now. I used some of my tomato soup/sauce today for my tea. I really don't think I could eat a jar of sauce now. That's the trouble with it though. You get used to shish and there's no way you can go back to doner again! So the preparations have officially started for download. The hair has been henna'd, it's getting cut tomorrow. I've finally sorted out how to sew stretchy fabric too, thanks to a friend's expertise, so I've been able to do most of my alterations. Well excited now! Woo hoo! Download or bust, baby!