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Friday, 8 March 2013

Yes, I get it, I'm CRAP

I really, really am.

Not written this for a million years. Feels like it.

And I made loads of stuff too.

This is a baby shawl for a new baby girl what I am going to visit this evening. Her Mam's been a bit poorly. 

And I had some left over grey from the wrap I made for my Grandmother's birthday/Christmas, so I took an unprecedented step and made myself something. I'm really proud of this and I've worn it loads. 

So it's Mother's day this weekend AGAIN! I can't believe a year has passed so quickly. I normally do something special for Mammy's day craft wise but this year what with job hunting, trying to set up my business, college, photo shoots, sorting the house out and spending time with my loved one, I ain't had time to do any more than cards.

Those who expect to receive them look away now please! Birthday card for Lady J too.

So what with a couple of house moves for me and my nearest and dearest, the ever pressing conundrum of "stuff" has once again become important. Like, how much of it do we actually need? A lot less than most of us have.

I've done a fair bit of Freecycling today and over the last few weeks. Seriously bonkers the amount of stuff we all have. So I have a new policy for presents. I'm only buying things that don't last for ever. Shall I explain?

Stuff. It takes over your life given half a chance. It breeds and multiplies. I don't want to add to people's stuff hoards, so, I'm buying gift vouchers for cinema/kindle books/treats, flowers (they die eventually), yummy treats (they get scoffed), toiletries. No one buys toiletries any more! I was hoping to get a shed load for Christmas but the haul was minimal. Lady J and I have had many a convo about this of late. It's her birthday this weekend.  

Guess what she got?!