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Friday, 25 February 2011

Essence of the Modern Lady

Having an awful lot to do today and no inclination to do any of it, I thought a little bit of creativity might give me a kick start this grey Friday.

Having not written before and not being an especial fan of "poems" I'm not inclined to call this one... but what it is instead I do not know.

The Essence of the Modern Lady

She loves cosmetics, but isn't afraid to be seen out without
Pumps the tyres up on her own car, but is grateful for having it done for her
Her family is her world, but not everything

Her busy life leaves her tired, but not too tired to make time for a little luxury
She bakes, launders, cleans and cooks - but is not a slave to it
She looks after herself and her figure, yet not at all afraid of a treat

She loves and relies on her friends, yet not lives in their pockets
She's proud of her home, even though it's not a show home
She doesn't even want a show home

She shares and cares without being a martyr
Makes and creates, to show others they're loved
but why on earth not splash out to celebrate.

Exercise keeps us young and fresh, being "ripped" is revolting
Garments, are just that - we'd feel confident in a black sack
"But I'll just have a little look in that shop - there's a sale on, you know."

We love to socialise, but we don't live for it
"Actually I'd quite like some time on my own now"
She looks better now than she did as a teenager.

She wouldn't change a thing she has no power to change,
but may choose to change the things she does

She counts her blessings, of which she has many
and takes pride in the part she has played

She is proud, fallible, tough, sensitive and Female.


  1. love it- so true and relevant!!!

  2. Thanks Peggy - glad you like it! And it seems to have done the trick - I have a bit of my mojo back :)

  3. You're a poet and now we know it!
    Like it!!!