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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Rock Stars and Revelations

My breakfast table this morning...

Ten miles today - five there, bit of dinner with my mate, five miles back. My bum hurts. That is all.

But while I was in town I did manage to pick up the brass curtain rings I need to make my bedroom blind, so I can crack on with that. Shortly. I think I have all I need.

Last night we had some friends who are in a very promising up and coming rock band to stay. I must be honest, walking into my living room this morning to much eyeliner, hair and tattoo sleeves was a wonderful thing and certainly warmed the cockles, even though they only managed to drink a poultry 6 cans of beer between five of them and one was half full still!

I stayed up until half one, crocheting, as you do, for them to get back from their gig with my teenager but they got in too late for me so I took myself off to sleep, waking and getting up early to do all the cleaning up - only to find that they had done it! Crap rock stars they are!

...and they left their banana cake behind.

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