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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sisters of NO MERCY!

Today I mostly spent four hours in a soul destroying meeting. I detest and despise "business" meetings. You can generally sort out what you need to in about a quarter of the time if you put your mind to it, but in this case it could have been done in an eighth.

I can't pretend to have been in a good mood when I excused myself after four hours, but as usual my good mate Jessy-pants put a positive spin on things.

I related the story about it stating that it was a total waste of four hours of my life. She replied that it was NOT a waste of four hours of my life, it was four hours of pointed reminders of how not to conduct "business" meetings in our new venture...

No one likes a smart arse. :-D

Things have been a little quiet of late in blog-land, having had a few things to sort out.

One of them being my new group. A young, (in spirit) dynamic, forward thinking, progressive ladies social group.

We're called Twisted Sisters and we're a co-operative group. I'm the facilitator, but everyone helps to drive it where we want to take it. We have a venue, business cards, car stickers, a brilliant idea for Twisted Sister Rugby Shirts, now all we need is some brilliant no or low cost ideas for our first couple of meetings while we collect a few quid together to pay guest appearance expenses. Any ideas are very welcome!

I've not made a lot recently, apart from a lot of mess. I guess that's how things go, though. Life is a series of fluctuations and at the moment, I'm not feeling all that creative - not in the craft sense anyway.

My tattoo is now finished (I think I've been putting my creative juices into thinking about my next one) and I'm thrilled with it. My brilliant niece off of CrownHeartStar fame Bex's Brilliant Blog is busy hand painting my leather jacket for me to collect on the weekend when we go for a few days with the outlaws and I'm mega excited about that. Especially having just had a sneak preview.

It's funny, sometimes you think you're having some time to "get back in your bucket" and you inadvertently get into the wrong bucket ... I think I'm in the wrong one at the moment, or I could just be far too busy for my own good ... either way, I need to get back in touch with the creativity.


  1. The new venture sounds interesting! I bet you'll attract a new generation of Women who love the idea of the social aspects of the WI but crave something more contemporary :). Good luck with it!

  2. Hi Gaina :)

    You're spot on! I don't ever want to criticise the W.I. - their manifesto and new areas of development are awesome, but, where there's a "tradition" it's virtually impossible to break. Our first meet will include a vote as to whether we "become a W.I.", don't become one, or become a part time group i.e. associate members. I think I know which one will come out on top but it's not for me to decide.

    It's not London or the federation that is stuck in the dark ages, it's the grass roots level and I don't see how it can change in the next twenty years enough to attract new ladies. I had a choice with mine, either start a new and fresh group, or it would only be a matter of time until my new ladies "fell off". And THAT's a chance I'm not prepared to take. Ooo - I think I just saw an orb! Either that or I've got a migraine coming! xxx