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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I probably shouldn't be blogging today as I'm a bit cross.

I struggle getting my head around double crossers and people that sell you out. But just because I don't make a habit of doing that, doesn't mean others don't. And unfortunately we women are kind of known for it. Anyone who thinks that we mellow as we get older is sadly mistaken - some get meaner.

But I stand by what I say - I always think that very little can go wrong in blog land if you blog as if your entry is going to be published on the front page of the Times.

I think that the best we can do in life is surround ourselves with like-minded individuals. It's tricky when people want you for what you can do for them only, but eventually they show themselves as they really are.

As my good friend says "differences of opinion I can deal with - mean-ness I can't". Yes I'm passionate, but not offensive, I say what I mean but not maliciously.

I've had a lovely couple of days away up north with the family - I got to go Dickens nerding at Dotherboys Hall and Greta Bridge AND Bram Stoker nerding at Whitby. Now THAT's what I call a good weekend! How rock and roll am I?!?

Now I'm home - what can I start making.....?


  1. Oh popett, sometimes in life things don't always work out the way they should. You are such a lovely person shame on whoever has crossed you!!

    Stick with it - those that matter hang around and support you no matter what - I've learnt that over the last couple of years - true friends really are forever!


  2. Oh dear sounds like you need chocolate.... and lots of it.... I hope you have a better day tomorrow and whatever upset you - just remember what goes around comes around so just shake off the negativities and move on to be the best you can be.
    Take care, keep safe and BE HAPPY.