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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Mend and Make Do - The Return; well, the start actually.

Today was the first meeting of my "mend and make do" craft group at the local community hall and I'm thrilled to say that 10 people turned up despite the fact that as yet we have not put up one poster or advertisement anywhere!

It's going to be a really nice group. We're collecting patterns, knitting needles, anything really so that we have a lot of stuff to hand to be able to work on our individual projects, but we're collaborating with the community centre in making things to be sold at the family fun day in June. One of our ladies has already made a fabulous head start in making clothes for Barbies and she's come up with some belters.

Some of the ladies have really proficient skills, some want to develop their skills. We can all do things that the other ladies would like to learn, so skills we shall share! Most importantly though, it's bringing the community together, and we need as much of that as we can get. Older ladies are sat chatting with younger ladies; that's the way!

I have been promised dome wonderful supplies for the group, and we're still collecting, so don't forget! Keep your eyes pealed for things we can use!

I'm off out tonight with my daughter and I'm itching to put my new top on. I made it out of an old top that made me look, er, portly, so I'm looking forward to that. Let's just hope the stitching holds!

An email was received today from Radio Wales. Looks like I'm back on there on Friday! How exciting! Amongst other things, I'll have to mention the fact that we're just coming up to our 2,000th page view in 15 countries! I never for a second thought that I'd get here, so, to all you lovely peeps that keep coming back for more punishment - "me love you long tiiiime"!

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