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Monday, 1 March 2010

Stepping Stones and Sarongs

The welcome break in the weather today gave us a chance to get out on the mountain.

I dug inn these steps with my own fair hands and I'm rather proud of it! Hopefully we'll get another good day tomorrow so that we can put in the last few, then, our job out there immediately becomes ten times easier. It's that steep first bit that's so difficult. I must be honest, I'm shattered now. 5 1/2 hours of grueling exercise can do that to a girl though. (Husband has already gone to bed!) It won't be long now until I'll be planting - although I'm told we have to buy some topsoil first.

Friday and Saturday I spent giving the house a good going through, I've neglected it a bit over the last few weeks. With a night out looming on Saturday night (just gone) I needed to decide what to wear.

Of course, my new artwork means that I have to not wear anything at all on my upper back. My good friend had very kindly sent me some gorgeous halterneck tops, and I had my heart set on wearing one of them for the night out, but, due to my "blessings", it needs some extra work doing to it to save me from getting arrested for indecent exposure.

So I went through my things. Somehow, through this process, my eyes are more open to the things I already have, which is wonderful,so there were loads of things I'd have liked to have worn. I have some beautiful sarongs, barely worn, sat in my wardrobe. So, I did some research online, decided upon the most effective way to wear my beautiful black and print GHD sarong that I've never, ever worn, and I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it! I wore it as a halterneck top with shiny black trousers and I was really happy with the look.

Of course, the amazing thing about it is that I could wear it another 50 ways without it looking like it did on Saturday, and that has to be a good thing. The other great thing is that as my weight comes off, I don't have to alter it or give it up!

So I got to thinking about the many benefits to sarongs. I have some of the gorgeous vintage fabric given to me by my stepmother that I can use in the same way. I just need to put a hem on either end of each of the 3 pieces and potentially, that's 150 new things to wear! Sarongs are DEFINITELY the way forward!

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