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Thursday, 3 January 2013

This Is Your Life

2012 was a difficult year for an awful lot of people.

Don't get me wrong, I do know a few people for whom the year wasn't totally horrendous. But not many.

They say that we are given the life we are able to handle and at no time has that been truer than the last year. A lot of people very close to me have been tested to their limits. And for some it's not over yet.

 But this is a new year, and I demand more from it than last year put out.

And a lot of people are making good progress already. My best friend is about to move back home with her gorgeous gentleman who is going to be starting a new blog himself. I've missed her. Things are starting to move for her now.

Another good friend who I met through this blog actually is thinking of starting her own and she has a lot of skill to share. C'mon Karen! Let's get going!

The diary is starting to fill up already. Don't be taken in by the gloomy economic climate and weather - we can force the sun to shine on all of us.

An email received  from someone I barely know but have great respect for reminded me of how "feisty" I am. I've not felt it particularly for a while, but actually, my strength is coming back. It's time for me to take control back.

2013 is full of promise and potential for all of us. I will set up my business, I will be successful, I will see my friends, family and loved ones happy and if things go down for one of us (it's inevitable at some stage I suppose), we will all be there for each other - no matter what.


Wanna share?


  1. ((HUG)) I'm so glad you're raring to go. I'm absolutely sure you can do this! :D

    My year promises to be a busy one. I'm going to raise £1000 for a breast cancer awareness charity and at least some of it will be done on my new hand cycle which is coming soon. I'll let you know all the details when I have them figured out :).

    Happy New Year xxx

  2. Thanks Gaina! Wow, you have some plans too - you make sure you keep us informed and we'll all be behind you I'm sure.

    Hand cycle?!? There'll be no stopping you xxx