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Saturday, 6 October 2012

So, lots of exciting stuff going on.

Some of my girlies have kindly allowed to colour their faces in so my abilities are growing and I'm learning every time.  Been messing with my eyes today while listening to my mates Ian and Toxic's rock show, and did my own eyes to match my favourite specs.

My first regular slot on BBC Radio Wales with the gorgeous Louise Elliot went really well despite my being incredibly late and parking shockingly under the watchful gaze of the lord of the airwaves that is Roy Noble!

Then, I get into the studio only to discover that the guest due after me was FAR more organised than I so the lovely Liz Tobin of Vivino Wines was swapped with me. This would not be remarkable if I had known of Liz for 7 years as she is the sister of a bloomin' good friend. We couldn't believe that we bumped into each other there of all places!

I'm feeling a wine shop coming on!

I'm working on a crochet commision piece at the moment similar to the teal wrap/scarf  I did for myself the other day, and when I'm not doing that I'm packing boxes and having lovely chats ;-D

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