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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Slow Down! It's the Weekend

No chance. Too much lovely stuff going on!

At this time of year it's so lovely to get a gorgeous day like today has been especially when you get to spend it on top of a mountain with one of your very best friends and 4 silly dogs.

We walked and talked and walked and talked for miles, my legs were all tingly when I got back from a combination of the exertion and cold. They've been doing that a lot recently - but for a different reason than today.

SO the dogs are all shattered and sleepy, not to mention smelly from swamp diving all afternoon again, Meg and I have just scofffed and washed up after a "pretend Sunday dinner" as we like too call it and I've dispatched some of or furniture to my Grandmothers house for storage until such time as the new house situation rectifies itself. Universe - I have faith in you - throw me a bone?!?

I've realised recently that I can realistically only achieve half of what I set out to on a daily basis but I still find myself pushing for more.

I can't wait to get settled and creative again. With Meg now being fond of a sewing machine too there's going to be much fun had. My MUA training is more than keeping me going creativity wise and I was lucky enough to work on 2 new friends last night who were really thrilled with their results and I've got 4 booked in for this week. I'm after some photo shoot experience now so I've approached some local photographers offering my services and I'm really looking forward to getting called on. "Lady J" has furnished me with some make up challenges to be going on with.

So while I try to keep my eyes open for Downton, I look forward to another packed week of (hopefully) work, fun, friends, creativity, making up peoples faces, dogs family and loved ones.

And I really hope to finish this beautiful commission piece for my lovely twitter friend Cwtchy ...

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  1. ((HUG)) Sounds like you're busy! Definitely a good thing. Hope the new house is sorted soon x