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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What Time is it?

It's funny how some articles (some may call it "tatt" - I did) come into your life, you HATE them, but then when they go, there's something about them you miss.

In this particular instance it is a clock. Friends that know me know exactly which clock I mead and exactly how vile it is. There is only one person who did not think this clock to be utterly vile, that was the person it belonged to. It truly was vile.

And now it's gone

... and I miss it.

Well, actually, let's be a bit more specific here. I don't miss "it", I miss it's tick.

I love a tick tock. Apparently, some people find it immensely soothing (me) where as a lot of people find it to be incredibly disturbing. I'm glad I'm the former.

So I needed a new tick tock for my bedroom.

Go and buy a new clock?! Don't be silly.

From this brand new but unattractive clock, and these bits and bobs...

I made this.

It makes a lovely tick.

I love a collage.

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