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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My Week in Pictures...

I know you'll find it very difficult to believe but I'm very excited and been very busy.

Finally, my CRB check has come back, they know I haven't been in prison now so I can return to work.

Let's hear it for being a fully contributing member of society!

I've been lucky enough to have a plethora of (mainly) ladies who require the services of my make up artistry in learning. And I have so many more to do it's so exciting.
Beautiful Andi, make up or not, she always looks amazing. Gorgeous face.

Pretty Peacock color eye I did on me that I could NOT get to show up on the camera! Need some darker pigment - hello Mr. & Mrs. Bourjois

My new MAC 187 limited edition foundation stippling brush. 'Tis a joyous thing!

Practicing Edward Scissorhands make up on my arm

Meg's Make Up Yesterday

I've been asked to do some make up for a burlesque show next week and a whole raft of other things which is fab and a very well respected photographer has given me their approval too.

I'm also excited about the MAC event I'm going to tomorrow. It's keeping my mind off Lady J's surgery tomorrow. Already got everything crossed for you, oh lovely bezzie.

Anyway, her'es some photos of my disembodied hand I've been making too inspired by a similar thing the full time version of my course are doing.

And I finished the scarf/wrap thing commission I have been asked to do. Must be honest, I don't want to send it! It really is gorgeous. Forgive me modelling it myself but the dogs wouldn't stay still ;-D

Must dash, got radio show prep to do. Traa!!

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  1. Wow, busy bee :D I'm so glad to hear you're going back to work and I admire you for being able to keep 'work' plates and 'learning' plates spinning at once - I struggled with Uni even without having a job on top! :).

    The hand is fantastic.