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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I Just Dyed...

I had a full day of dying the other day.

A little white patch in the front of my hair (only took 5 goes and a knackered scalp) but I also thought I'd have a go at some cold water dye, thinking it'd be better than a washing machine one. It isn't. Bloody awful photo though.

I got some other hair colour on one of my nice white vests the other day, so I collected that up along with a bit of old curtain and some other things that I wanted to turn navy blue.

I hated navy blue for years and years following 5 years incarceration in "the South of Wales leading comprehensive school" and I simply couldn't bring myself to wear it as that was all I could equate it to.  I despised every single second of every single minute of my time there and I directly blame it for a tremendous amount of my early confidence issues (now no longer a problem!).  Navy was brought to my attention again last year in a separate fashion and I've become a bit obsessed with it.

Cold water dye is not the way forward. I've got a full load of tie dye's navy-ish clothes now that need a machine dye. But one of the things that did come out was the piece of ex curtain muslin, which I have turned into a a natty little dress which I am currently wearing, and I used up some other dress fabrics I had hanging around and made them into some little numbers courtesy of the free pattern I get monthly with one of my magazines.

Quite happy with that actually.

Why do men feel like they have to fix everything?.

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