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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cooking on Gas (Unfortunately)

Next time I have to buy an oven (soon, the way this piece of crap is going) I am SO buying a fan oven.

I've had multiple failed bakes in the thing as it deems itself to be on too low so switches itself off. Lovely. I need to invest in an oven thermometer - I'm not convinced it's running at the right temperature.

But, two duff batches of sour dough starter (that turned out to not be dead and I have since learned how to give it the kiss of life) and one successful one later, then two duff loaves (I accidentally bought the wrong flour - but the dogs love it!) I have a loaf of sour dough bread and guess what? IT'S LUSH.

But when I did actually buy the correct flour it had a dead easy bread recipe on the side, so I thought I'd give that a go too. So, crack of sparrows fart, I was up AGAIN kneading. Result? Also lush.

I've been on a baking mission of late, for "secret reasons" and am building up a freezer full. Yesterday I did scones and date (left over from Christmas) and walnut cake, two of the badgers.

Oh, and I started making some PILLOW ROLLERS last night, a quilt and some pants. All of which above averagely successful. I can't seem to settle on anything at the moment - I want to be doing it ALLLLLL!

Anyway, must dash, got some left over fabric, could do with a frock for Friday and it's 20:45 on Wednesday. Eek.

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