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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Accidents Will Happen ... But People Won't Always Notice

... unless you write a blog about it and tell everyone.

So I had an idea last week relating to tarting up a nice but boring jersey top. Jersey is my most very favourite   medium and my arch nemesis - all at the same time.

I remember years ago seeing lovely collar ideas in some old magazine and really liking them - wishing that one day I could possibly get away with wearing collars like them. It just so happens that now I'm both confident enough to wear what I like and have wanted to wear for a long time.

I quite like the shape and the colour of this shirt, and I like leopard skin with the jadey/teal so I thought I'd put a leopard print collar on. But I did it wrong. 

  1. I cut the collars out the wrong way (as per usual)
  2. I didn't shape the inner of the collar. The bit that you attach to the shirt.
It just so happens that my mistake ended up doing me a massive favour. 

The leopard fabric is furry nylon, you see. the remnants from the bags/dress I made with the off cut El gave me. Turning over the edges of that kind of shape are very difficult, you see, and I didn't want to put a backing on it because that would make it too thick.

The lack of shaping has made the collar stand up a little. Not a problem as it covers the slightly raw edges of the attachment edge.


And then I put together my oxford flares (not said THAT since Bananarama's hay day) that I cut out last night.

Further proof of my love/hate relationship with jersey. I really NEED these trousers. I'm sick and tired of low rise bloody trousers so I wanted to make these to fit me. And my god, are they comfortable.

It's lucky that no one knows I cut them out wrong, (once again, as per usual) as a result had to bodge them together and have them long enough only by the skin of my teeth.

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  1. Next I will mostly be making a box pleat(ish) skirt from a remnant.