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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I'm On Fire. Not Literally (thankfully).


I'm having one of my creative bursts. I've had some fabrics for literally years and been sitting on them waiting for the universe to show me what to do with them, which is how I roll. If you don't know what to do, don't do anything.

I made my lovely husband a cushion today. With his disability it's really useful being able to make stuff because I can make it to his exact specifications.

He needed a little conical cushion to put behind is neck, head support for when he's at home in his Dr Evil chair (as we call it). He regularly suffers with a tremendous amount of pain in his neck that painkillers don't kill, so we thought it might help for him to have a heat pack type one, but the shop ones are the wrong shape and too hard to be a cushion. 

So with a couple of feet of left over fleece, a recycled zip, and once again a remnant of the £5 curtains that became a sofa bed cover (blog from 18 months ago), a cushion for my nephew, 4 handbags as Christmas presents (and I'm sure plenty of other things I can't remember) I've made him the perfect head support, and it's microwaveable to warm the pain away a little bit. Two packs of pearl barley fill the inner, costing me 98p - a heat pack from the chemist or even Wilkos are at least £4 and they don't contain the equivalent of 1 pack of pulses.

Daddy and his boy enjoying the cushion.

Then I decided to action a remnant I bought in the Cancer Research shop in Monmouth when my niece came down this time last year. Up until recently I thought I had a plan for it, just not actioned it, then I had a better idea, and realised it. And I'm really glad I waited. I only had a strip about 1 inch wide and 3 inches long let over too, so I really got value for money.

I love a box pleat. And I thought the heart was a cute addition and topical given that today's Valentine's Day. And I've been dying to use that strawberry for ages.

My skirt is nice and simple, elasticated waist so it doesn't matter if I put a few pounds on, or loose a few. Everyone knows how much I hate having to put stuff away when my weight fluctuates.

As if by magic, it really beautifully matches the lovely necklace I had as a Christmas present from Jade and looks really pretty with the gorgeous cream coat Helen gave me a couple of years ago -I love that coat.

Today I have mostly had exceptional value for money, 2 bespoke items and a creative frenzy.

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