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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Rest and Rejuvenation in the Face of Sadness

Something good has come out of the recent sadness. Some lovely creative conversations with Mrs CrownHeartStar and a trip to new haberdashery territory gave my creativity a kick up the backside. And not a moment too soon.

We've got the wedding of the year on Saturday to look forward to, and boy are we looking forward to it.

I picked up a genuine vintage 1960's suit off ebay for £30 and that one outfit will do the whole day. The suit, obviously, for the day, remove the jacket, move the brooch, add a belt and a change of shoes (my old faithful Ravel Mary-Jane's £2 from a car boot nearly 10 years ago that rarely get an outing) and voila - evening wear also.

My Mum in law gave me a plain fascinator when we were up there last and I fell in love with a bag of feathers in the lovely haberdashers, so, this little multi-coloured baby was born. I used my favourite brooch and added a little few feathers to it to match beautifully. I'm really into the whole multi colour thing at the moment. Colour schemes are for wimps!

And while in said haberdashers, I was quite taken with some wool in there. I've been wanting to make myself a wrap for ages, and I must be honest it really feels amazing, and has been a pleasure to knock up.

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