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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Heirlooms. One of My Favourite Words.

I think we established yesterday that half of my family has departed this mortal world of late.

It's a sad fact that with that comes a huge amount of "stuff" needs distributing - things that were previously much loved possessions. And I find joy no where more than having something beautiful passed down to me, I'm not interested in it's monetary value, it's all about provenance.

Nana Maisey was an incredible lady. Married to the Admiral of the Merchant Navy fleet, she was an incredible people person and when she left at 93 (I think), she was one of the youngest people I knew. She also had amazing taste. She bequeathed me a beautiful strawberry full tea set, a third set of cultured vintage pearls, and when my lovely Mum in law was clearing some things out the other day she came out with this rather ugly (but dead useful) reindeer bag and asked me if I would like the contents as she thought they were right up my my street. And my goodness how right she was.

How incredibly beautiful are they? Almost a shame to hang clothes on them!

And as you can see I have a miserable, lonely and uncomfortable Spaniel who hates his life. I'd phone the RSPCA if I was him.

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