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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tatt'll Do For Me

So after nearly a year (a dreadful, awful year for the most important person in my tattoo's life) I went to the GORGEOUS new studio ...

... saw the ever lovely Liz for the first time in what felt like a million years and allowed her to inflict pain and suffering on me! Hardly, she's the gentlest tattooist in the world I would wager, but it doesn't stop it itching etc for the next few days.

Liz's creativity is the most amount of creativity that I have to report at the moment as me and my ink become acquainted and my skin heals, I feel a bit sleepy. All the time! As I'm going again on Monday for some more work, I think I might be having a bit of time off my production line, although knowing me, now I've said that I'll have an insatiable urge to create! Goodness knows I have enough to be getting on with!

Oh, and I'm in Real People magazine today. Go and grab a copy - it's only 67p!


  1. I have just been doing a New Year's tudy up (yes, I do know it's the end of January!) I went through my, not inconsiderable, pile of Christmas magazines and craft magazines, tore out what I wanted to keep and recycled the rest. Very therapeutic!
    One of the TO Keep pages was your article in Prima so I have looked up your blog. Scrapbooking - absolutely with you on that - it's my number 1 hobby. Tattoos - no way, although it does look amazing. Feel free to visit my blog.

  2. Hi Kirsty! Thanks for your comment and welcome! I think it's a perfect time for a new year's tidy up - so is October!!!!

    And you have inspired me; I need to sort out my magazines. Never enough hours in the day, are there? :)