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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Select Preferred Language - "Dickensian"

As usual - I have uploaded the photos the wrong way 'round. Luckily I know you have enough sense to see that!

The weekend of work has dawned again so before I have my pre-work nap, I shall update you about my recent home made conquests.

Having charity shop purchased the old golf club curtains and laundered and assessed them at home, I thought it prudent to get cracking with making and hanging them as there was simply so much fabric I had nowhere to store it.

Being an awkward area to hang a curtain and knowing the weight of the fabric concerned I decided against my usual favoured curtain hanging mechanism (cup hooks and dowelling rods) and opted to buy an actual curtain pole, much as it pained me. I stupidly thought that a good strong (much stronger than I usual buy) would be cheaper than a ready to put up curtain pole, but I was very wrong, £20 wrong, to be precise. Bonkers, isn't it?

So, rail purchased and put up by my excellent Husband, I cracked on with the curtain.

I should, at this point apologise. I appear to be having an extra marital affair with a certain Mr Charles Dickens and I can't help noticing that I keep slipping into fluent Dickensian. I can't help it. Indeed I can't...doh!

I took out one of the linings as it was threadbare and had ripped with use and I enjoyed seeing the edging of the fabric that it is made by an excellent fabric supplier and made and printed in Britain. I then removed the gathering tape from the length as I meant to turn the fabric orientation, obviously to cover a door rather than a window.

Imagine my pleasure and delight when it turns out that the curtains width just happens to be the exact drop, to the centimetre, from the rail to the floor! Now THAT is what they call "meant to be"!

Cutting and sewing the gathering tape onto the edge of two curtains, backs together and one layer of lining, I was glad that I had bought the pole and even more glad that my humble machine stepped up to the mark, then I hung the curtain.

I had to tack up one hem at the bottom where the lining was removed and when sat on the hallway floor, I realised just how much draft was coming through the door I had chosen to cover. Just goes to show, the old ideas are often the best - upvc or no upvc. My door is upvc, by the way, but the draft was still coming through. No more!

This week I went for a coffee also with a lady I have met through the Prima article, and wow, what a lovely and inspirational lady! Especially as she gave me a lovely bag full of beautiful satin fabrics she's come to the realisation she's never going to use. Well I certainly will.

I have an idea of something to make with these fabrics - and of course, the first will be for her. I look forward to a new friendship with this equally busy lady.

And so to nap ...

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  1. Congratulations on getting your curtain up, certainly looks impressive. I hope your weekend of scrapbooking went well.....do we get to see your creations.
    Have fun with your new fabrics.