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Saturday, 1 January 2011

So, What's Next?

Well, exactly.

I've pondered what my exact manifesto is going to be for next, I mean this, year.

Having SUCH an outlet for my creativity last year was incredible, and with such a specific manifesto to keep to it really created an artistic drive that I'd not had the opportunity to work with before. I couldn't possibly just go back to purchasing "soul-less" gifts, and despite not being much of a shopper before, mindless meanderings in the direction of shops never bodes well.

So, I think for this year, I'm not going to "not buy" at all, there are some people for whom there's very little you can make for, but I think in this economic climate it's all about the little people. Supporting the sole traders and small businesses. The market stalls, the craft fairs, the charities, if I'm going to spend, it'll be with them. And another important factor is that it's MUCH better to have one nice, wanted, useful gift than ten that are not your thing. We've all had that, you unwrap it and think "did you think about this at all?!"

The main focus of the ole bloggeroonie will be UP-CYCLING. Not revolutionary, I know, and an awful lot of the things I did last year were up-cycled, and I truly believe it's the way forward. I love very little more than turning something at the end of it's current life into something else and giving it a new life.

The pleasure I had giving hand made gifts and gifts of time far outweighs the pleasure of buying a gift and giving that, so the emphasis is very much on home-made, up-cycled, money cheap but time and effort expensive gifts.

Lets face it, I've only got one lot of friends and family so I'd better look after them - even if they do think I've lost the plot!

I want to hone my existing skills, learn new ones, continue breathing new life into old things (and gradually turning myself into the British Martha Stewart and then shape shifting myself into Kirsty Allsop) and writing. I love writing, and sharing. It occurred to me recently that I always wanted to be, but was never any good at being, a diarist. Well I've only gone and done it! I suppose I never could see the point of writing if no one was going to read it.

Oh and my new year's resolution is that I'm going to stop reading my own press. It's not good for you.


  1. beth I think you are a star and you have inspired me to TRY to follow your lead this year, wish me luck hope my family dont think i have gone mad all they think of is new new new at any cost x

  2. Thank you Kath, you are an top bird yourself! Good for you, stay in touch and with a bit of luck I'll come to group at some point :) :) :)

  3. Woah! Love the new wallpaper! Haha.

    ((Happy New Year))

    You've inspired me to be more inventive with the materials I already have to hand, so I just bought myself a load of coloured wire for my jewellery and that's IT. I'm not buying anything else, and instead I'm going to use beads I already have, buttons,polymer clay and whatever else I have kicking about to adorn my pieces.

  4. Yay, yay and thrice YAY!!! Nice one Gaina :)

  5. Thanks, Bethan :). I may need you to give me a slap round the chops if I have a weak moment when faced with sparkly things. LOL

  6. Ha ha ha ha the dreaded allure of the sparkly things!!! Well if it helps, I think that it's OK to buy the sparkly things if you don't have anything like it already and can properly justify it :)

    I just bought two cushions, which is most unlike me and no fun whatsoever, but I didn't mind because there was no way in the world I could or would ever have made them, but I did have a go first. Didn't work :)

  7. Hi, I picked up my Nan's copy of Prima and read the article about you today and was inspired. As a fellow blogger I knew I had to come visit you. I have followed and will be back. I will be pleased to pinch some ideas from you for gifts in 2011.

    Happy New Year.

    Mich x

  8. Hello Mich!

    You'll be very welcome to pinch what you like and thanks for the follow - I'll be reciprocating :) :) WELCOME! And HNY!

    By the way - Prima is the crafty ladies choice - I had subscribed! FREE PATTERNS.COM!!!!