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Thursday, 6 January 2011

So Much Inspiration and SO many lovely people!

I've today completed my third radio show this week! Here's the link:

There are SO many lovely people in this gorgeous medium we call "the wireless" that I wish I had ten sets of ears so I could listen to them all. I'm in the middle of a big Twitter conversation with the lovely Jon off of Radio Wey www.radiowey.co.uk about the "big four" supermarkets. I'm not totally against them, as you might think, because they do provide jobs. And products. But I think that it's all about balance, small people and big business, that's what makes the world go around. There's room for everyone!

Yesterday I took up to Klassy Fabrics in Ebbw Vale, the lovely lady who let me have my supplies and pay for them later. She was bowled over by the thank you card I made her, I also did some screen prints of the blog that I had written about her kindness and took her those. Tomorrow is the (now Bi-) Annual "Mrs Miggins Pie Shop" dinner. It's when I cook for my nearest and dearest lady friends - a Blackadder joke that stuck - and we generally have a good girlie laugh. I've taken the trouble of making some party favours, a bit American I know, but sometimes they DO know what they're talking about, so I took Mrs Klassy Fabrics one of those too. Note to self - find out her name. She actually had tears in her eyes.

Made my day as much as I hope I made hers.

While up there I had a little scout around the charity shops and picked up for £3 a king size duvet cover, relatively unused which is the absolute perfect fabric for my bedroom blind I'm about to embark on. And a really striking, totally unused and utterly beautiful Houses of Parliament tea towel! Sounds bonkers I know, but it REALLY is gorgeous.

And then my friend Jess had a totally GENIUS idea to make it into a blind for my back door. It shall be done and I will share!

So, as you can see, party favours and birthday cards, I think they're really pretty.

But I'm really gutted I forgot to give my trouble making stalker a mention on the radio.

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