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Monday, 10 January 2011

Multi-Tasking Ahoy

As usual, I find myself short of time and have been sans blog for a few days so I thought I'd pull out the multi-tasking stops.

I'm currently cooking a dinner for the family, getting ready for work AND resisting the allure of two borrowed scrap booking idea books off my lovely friend Helen, who's work I have not yet shown you. Damn you clock ticking so fast!

The Mrs Miggins dinner went off splendidly. 2.30 am splendidly actually, 3.30 by the time I got to bed. Suffice to say that I now have CONSIDERABLY more embroidering to do on my table cloth than I did the dinner. And some of it has a shred of decency!

If I had been writing this blog on old fashioned pen and paper the pen would have just shot across the page in response to the left over from Mrs Miggins balloon that just exploded above me. *shouts up the stairs "bring me my brown trousers"

So now I'm just trying to get over my weekend of gruelling shifts, before I embark upon some embroidery. Tomorrow, I promise, tomorrow!

And Helen's just made my day by reminding me that I have the first episode of the current series of Larkrise to watch when I get home, wooo hoooo!!

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