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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Disorganised Chaos

My lovely hairdresser lady once told me that I am "the least organised busy person she has ever met". I take that as a compliment. And I cannot argue with it's truth.

My lovely friend Jane bought me a "life Book" for Christmas this year. It's no ordinary diary, it's the most impressive, efficient diary I have ever seen complete with stickers and a removable contacts section so you don't have to write it all again next year. It's impressive. And I love it.

And I use it. Properly (nearly all the time!).

So why is it then that I have this constant feeling that I should be somewhere, or that I should be doing something that I have failed to annotate in my Life Book? It's very unsettling.

I decided to indulge in the ultimate luxury last night. An early night. Eight o'clock early. And this feeling that I should be doing something nearly ruined it.

I realised that due to my evenings based work pattern early nights are now much more difficult than I thought, as it's usually my time of most activity, combine that with the feeling of "should be somewhere" and that's not conducive to early nights. I slept and slept, but all laboured with thoughts of things I "should" be doing and bonkers dreams about African deserts and tribes people, all makes for a hard going night.

Afternoon naps it is then.

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  1. So glad you like it :) Didn't want to buy you 'stuff', but wanted something nice yet useful! And now I'd better get mine out of my bag and make some phonecalls! LOL