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Monday, 10 January 2011

Danger! This Woman is Bonkers.

This is Marie.

A few months ago, she was given the news we all dread. Now she only has one and a half of what we ladies have two of.

She's the first to say that she's "been in better shape", I doubt anyone could say she's been in better shape mentally. Although they could say she's mental anyway.

So, having kicked the butt of the dreaded "c" (note lower case) word, she has decided to celebrate life and being alive by doing a half marathon.

Now before I paint Marie as some sort of saint, I know most of you are probably thinking "knockers to that, I'd rather go on the holiday of a lifetime!", well so was she. So she did that too. And her tan in this weather is nothing short of stomach churning. Just don't ask to see her white bits because she WILL show you.

So, in short, follow her blog peeps. It's a bloomin' good scream as you might expect if you had the pleasure of knowing her. I'm very fortunate that I do. And I love her to bits.

I can't tell you how proud of this woman I am.

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