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Friday, 14 January 2011

...Gone Scrapbooking... I May Be Some Time

So it's my weekend off, I've worked the last two weekends and I'm going to enjoy it. What I hear you ask, am I going to do with it...?

Drunk and disorderly down at my local and favourite biker pub in the world?

Coiffing wine with the beautiful people in Cardiff?

Shopping marathon (bleeeeuuurghhhhhh) with my girlie friends followed by lunch and pole dancing...?



Ok so I admit I might be a little obsessed. I blame Helen. And her sister Ruth. Can't get enough of it.

I've poured over Helens books, absorbed loads of clever ideas which I have embellished with my own surrealism (you can't beat a bit of surrealism in scrapbooking craft!) and come up with my own themes and plans. I just wish I'd started it years ago.

I've got odds and ends tucked away everywhere, from our Wedding, our first date, other people's weddings, all sorts of things I can " 'book" (as I like to call it - I'm so down with the kids) and now it's going to cost me a fortune in photo printing. My house is destined to have a thin layer of greased paper minute squares emblazoned upon it's surfaces from the little double sided squishy square things. Perhaps I can scrapbook our divorce too - I think him indoors may divorce me if I don't tidy up.

Maybe I could give my stalker a 'book page!

On with the rock'n'roll lifestyle then!



  1. Sounds good to me. Enjoy your weekend off.

  2. Thanks Beverley - I will do. I've decided to limit my scrapbooking to a page (ok maybe two) a day for maximum creativity!

    A bit of cleaning first, me thinks, boo!!!