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Thursday, 30 December 2010

I LOVE RADIO 4 (and the Western Mail)


Thank you Western Mail. They paid attention to my mutterings last year and they've done me proud this year too. I really appreciate it.

So, I suppose I should be confirming my next year/ongoing manifesto, but first, let me tell you this story.

I was listening to my beloved Radio 4 last night in between calls, I was out working, and there was a lovely piece on there by a man who had been shown an incredible act of kindness and generosity by a British Rail guard many years ago when he was trying to get home to his Mum for her final hours. My heart was warmed by it, I defy anyone to not be, it was an amazing story, but I was most moved by the part when the recipient tried to thank the guard. The guard told him in response that his thanks was accepted but unnecessary and if he felt the need to repay the kindness the recipient should fulfil and act of random kindness to a total stranger, that would be repayment a thousand times over.

Yes, I guess it is similar to the "pay it forward" movement.

I went out today to Ebbw Vale, I was heading that way anyway and there is a fabulous haberdashers there, I wanted to procure some felt and net for some party favours I'm about to make (more on those later). I chose what I wanted, 9 pieces of felt, two metres of net, then, to my horror, just BEFORE the shop lady cut the net, I realised I'd failed to put my purse in my handbag.

Aghast, I explained what had happened. I was confused when the lady asked me what the felt and net was for, I explained that they were party favours as I'm cooking a family dinner to celebrate my Grandmother's birthday tomorrow.

The lady measured and cut the net, put it into a bag with the felt (despite my protestations) and told me to drop the money into her another time. Next week would be fine!

Now, I know it's not exactly the same as the gent on R4 last night, but I was still moved by the kindness and generosity. She didn't HAVE to do that, I'm not sure I would have, if I'm honest.

Looks like I'll be making an extra party favour! Random act of kindness anyone?! I think SO!


  1. I beleive in RAK and try to do at least one a day. I am not self-righteous just believe what goes around comes around....I also like R4 great minds and all that. Have a wonderful New Years Eve and all the best for 2011.
    Beverley xx

  2. I read your article in Prima, okay so its a few weeks old now but I never have time to sit and read. I showed this to my partner and he says that your story is exactly what I keep harping on about. I was so thrilled to see that you have a blog and I think that I will be spending lots of time trying to catch up on all you have written. Thanks for letting me know that I am not THE ONLY ONE who feels the way I feel, phew.
    Random acts of Kindness are wonderful to recieve, but so few people give them out...shame.
    Your latest fan

  3. Tracey, welcome! Thank you SO much! No, you are not alone, I look forward to our forthcoming friendship :) :) :) BTW, you'll get on very well with "Miss Creativity" - aka Beverley, who ALSO has a splendid blog.

    Happy new year to you all :)

    Bethan xxx