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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

And So ..... The End is Near

But I'm keeping on keeping on.

I don't know exactly what doing, it won't be another year of not buying ANYTHING. And I certainly will be doing lots of making and money saving.

Had another article published in the South Wales Argus this week

and I am in need of a bit of a rest. I have a family birthday party to cater for on Friday so I don't have all that much time to make anything, however, I bought a bloomin' book about sewing on paper which has opened up a whole new art form to master so I'm trying NOT to start that or the birthday party will have to send out for fish and chips on Friday.

Now there's an idea! Supporting the local economy, sustainable fish (hake) and having a rest, hmmmmmm ethical speedy cuisine - I like it!


  1. Actually a Fish n Chip party sounds like fun :D.

  2. Congratulations on your year. I expect you will continue in your " quest for liberation from the powers of advertising and the pursuit of a more ethical and considerate existence."

    It is scary how insipid this American/Eurotrash culture is. What IS frightening is that Africa now has satellite TV even in the hotels up country.
    They see all that the muzungus (whites) strive to be and sadly most seek to emulate it.
    Asher and I were at a traditional Samburu wedding. There was one girl there, a samburu, who wouldn't give her Samburu name,she was studying in Nairobi in college was dressed in tight jeans and a little top and was fawning all over the only two muzungus there. When I asked her is she was glad to be back home she said "hell no, I hate all this sh*t".
    It is so desperately sad that so many people chase the empty aspartamine dream.

    I feel all need to evacuate the compacted amrican/eurotrash from our systems, but like any drug it needs persistence to be rid of it.

    All the best for the year ahead. Peter

  3. Thank you Peter - You are of course right, I look forward to future at length discussions and hope to see you and your lovely boys down the pub soon :)

    B xxxx