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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Oil Be Having a Lovely Time This Weekend

...it's the wedding of the year, you see. My hubby's twin and his gorgeous, brave, wonderful fiancee. I'm really rather looking forward to it. Got my new/old frock ready (I was given it several years ago but have been too fat to wear it for some time so it feels like a new frock) and my dancing shoes, so in a couple of hours, we'll be off!

I finished my oils for my hampers a day or so ago, and not a moment too soon. Yesterday morning I had a telephone call from my lovely friends at the South Wales Argus (or "the Brunell Times" as my friends call it!) wanting to do a piece about my home made Christmas. As usual I had an hour to make it look like I and my house ALWAYS looks this nice, which I just pulled off with the help of my hubby.

For a while I've kind of been feeling like I can't wait to give all the presents to get them out of the way, but now, especially when you see it all laid out and looking lovely, I'm quite fond of it all and will be sort of sad to see it go. A comment on one of my previous blogs has started me thinking about next year. What am I going to do for next Christmas?

Will I do the same thing, just develop it, perhaps spend but instead buy "experiences" (cinema tickes, Groupon deals, National Trust membership that sort of thing) or maybe buy the smallest presents I can find for everyone? My thinking behind that one is that we've all bought junk presents to "fill out"... but I'm not sure I can go back to shopping. It makes me feel a bit sick actually!

And, more exciting news - Prima want to print my recipes in the food pages of the magazine. Wicked! Woo hoo!

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