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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Thank Heavens For That!

I spent hours yesterday in my dressing gown (it was warm, I was tired and cold) making the Christmas tree decorations to go into the hampers to be delivered on the weekend. I though that seeing as I was doing some of them I might do ALL of them for the other ones not being delivered yet.

I made an executive decision yesterday as well. Our local wonderful Butcher sells local honey. Our semi-local vet's wife is a bee keeper, yoga teacher and general brilliant woman and there were a few jars available, so I decided to put a jar of it in certain hampers, not all because it's quite expensive. But our close family will get some of that too.

I also completed my flavoured oils, and then I packed up three of the hampers ready for delivery. I did enjoy that bit, I really did, I hope the recipients will enjoy them.


  1. Goodness me the hampers look fab, lucky recipients indeed.
    Twiggy x

  2. Thank you Twiggy! So nice of you to say - I have put the effort in, I must be honest!

  3. Good heavens great minds think alike as they say. I was up at 4am this morning getting my 'bags' not hampers (not that posh...) ready with all the bits and pieces ready to go to various people - I love early morning when it is quiet and fresh and the noise of the town has not yet started but boy do I suffer at about 3pm in the afternoon when the tiredness rolls on in. I love home made honey and a lady from our church makes up jars she also does a lovely line in lemon curd which I have got my order in for P.D.Q.
    Have a lovely and happy weekend.