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Sunday, 28 November 2010


Ethereal being forgive me. It's been over a week since my last blog.

But, in my defence, (all be it a poor one) I lost my computer lead and I don't feel comfortable blogging from a different computer.

I was quite organised last weekend and I wrote one in advance of going away so from the comfort of the passenger seat of the car, all I had to do was post it.

So, a week has passed, there is a new Mr and Mrs Brunell in the world (congratulations all round) and we had a lovely, if hectic time in the Dales. 3 hampers were delivered and 2 niece/nephew presents as well as the present for everyone's favourite Grandmother, Nana Maisey, who has been proudly showing off her copy of Prima to anyone and everyone. Of course Nana Maisey's anyone and everyone is a bit different to most peoples. As the wife of the Admiral of the (Merchant Navy) Fleet, she is incredibly well connected and my copy of Prima has gone to my spiritual home, Egglestone Hall. I'm thrilled by that prospect. I'm happier no where than there!

So, what have I been making? Good question. Well, I've been trying to finish Josie's blanket. I've finished the main body of it, I'm on the last ball of wool and doing the edging now so it'll be done very soon. My Nana bought a little crochet blanket in a charity shop the other week and I'd not seen the stitch formation before so I utilised the modern convenience of camera phones to be able to copy the pattern. I love technology!

I also have reduced my t0-do pile by 50%, I spent most of my day off on Friday taking in skirts and dresses. I now have a big pile of tops and trousers to get through and I'm hoping to do that in the next couple of days. Then, it's more Christmas tree decorations - I need to knock out another pile of those (I do like making them) and the next round of hampers.

We have our W.I. dinner next week and I really need to make something for the raffle. I wonder what I can do. I could give a cake, I suppose, I'll have to re count and see how many I have left. I have ear marked one of the squidgiest ones for an orange christmas pud a la Heston Blumenthal off of the Waitrose advert. Yum!


  1. Hi, I have only just read your article in Prima today. Why so late? Because I buy so many magazines, they pile up and I don't get around to reading them. Ever. I decided to have a clear out on Sunday, and I have about 8 piles of mags, which I aim to get through and clear out before I buy anymore. Checking out my wardrobe, and my spare room,there is a similar theme with clothes, boots, fabrics, wool and assorted art materials. I am so busy buying 'stuff' I don't get to wear/sew/knit what I've already got. I love what you're doing - thanks for being an inspiration. I must try harder. x

  2. Love it! Love it! Love it!!!!! Thanks for the kind words and hoorah for Download tickets Friday! :) :) :)