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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

This One Hurt!

Ok so this is new. I've never had my pictures arranged nicely before, and I like the "collage effect". Makes getting them in the right order utterly impossible, though!

So, via Twitter, another new friend from the thing I'm allowed to talk about tomorrow, welcome! It's lovely to make your acquaintance, and even better if you can teach me to knit! So, my chair........
This chair has been seat-less in my back yard for ages. I was looking at a book on the weekend of home projects and that kind of stuff and I had a flash of inspiration.

Although I must be honest, half way through this project, I was beginning to wish I hadn't. It hurt, a lot!

Plaiting that amount of fabric - that's a whole single duvet cover and one side of a double duvet cover, hurts. Especially plaiting it so tightly. And weaving taught, tightly plaited fabric, that hurt too.

My hubby had to make me a wedge to pack the fibres together to fit them in, and my word did I need it. And all from my good friend Pug-face's old bed sheets! Recognise them, mate?!

The chair frame is wound with twill garden twine. I already had a massive ball of it, but I did have to buy another as I ran out. All together, I used about one ball, which cost about £3. Gives a really nice effect, don't you think? And covers the warped, stained and generally wrecked wood in an interesting way.

So, with aching shoulders, sore hands and a happy heart, it is finished and I'm really pleased with it. Another bizarre, mismatched and odd piece to add to my luckily bizarre, mismatched and odd collection of things!

Oh, and my hubby's started his own blog too. It's all about recovering from and adjusting to life out of the services. It's an eye opener. http://stephenbrunell.blogspot.com/ Have a little look, I dare you!


  1. Hello, hello
    Fab blog, I've just read about you in the thing you can talk about tommorrow:) Great stuff, I'm living frugally these days and the quality time it buys me with my son is priceless. I'll join you as a follower and please feel free to pop over and say hello. I'll pop the kettle on and we can have a good virtual world natter.
    Twiggy x

  2. Hello Twiggy!

    Thanks for joining me, and I look forward to that it sounds wonderful and right up my street! Glad you enjoyed the article too. Let's face it, living frugally is SO much more interesting than not! I would even if I didn't have to!

    Welcome xxx

  3. Thanks Prima It is so good to blog with someone English . Don't get me wrong I love my blog land friends but sometimes I struggle with Americanisms .
    Prima Article was brilliant I hope we can be friends

  4. I'm sure we can Tracy, I'm sure we can! Thanks again xxx