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Monday, 25 October 2010

Every Time I get a new Follower and/or My Page Hit Count Goes Up, I Get Butterflies In My Tummy!

I don't have a tea cosy for my big tea pot, so I've been thinking about making one for ages now, so today, I thought I'd put my money where my mouth is. I fancied doing a "whole something" today, I'm currently working on a bigger project, re covering and re upholstering a chair, but I fancied doing something that I could both start and finish today. Sometimes one just needs a quick win. And a new hat...
Might wear it out on the weekend.

So this is the finished article and I'm rather pleased with it actually. I quite like it. As the pet teenager spent the weekend away with some friends who are into the whole 1940's "keep calm and carry on" thing so me and my kitchen have become 500% cooler over the weekend, despite not really doing anything. I hope you treat me with the respect that being that cool deserves! Ha ha ha

It's made of 11 pieces of fabric, cunningly and "expertly" (!?) sewn together by my trusty steed. The blue and the red used to be the fronts of cushion covers I inherited but didn't use because the back was a rather revolting bright snot green, and the white is a piece of damask cotton also from a cushion cover I bought very cheaply 10 years ago, but I used half of it to reupholster a chair a couple of years ago, so it's a nice use of the left over piece, and the remainder or the layers are an old fleece babies blanket that I was given by one of my W.I. ladies in a bag of children's clothes I'm yet to find a home for. I might just have me a little look in it to see what else I can use.
... and here it is in action. Quite fetching, I hope you'll agree.

Next mini-project is a pair of union jack cushions for the kitchen, my lovely comfy chair. And I've made some things that I've not really talked about yet so a little feature on them will be coming up soon, I think. Of course, all the fabric will be sourced from existing supplies, I'm playing with the whole red, white and blue thing in some kind of experimental ways that I hope will work out, so it may not be a traditional union jack thing ...

I need SO many more hours in the day than I currently have!


  1. Love the teacosy and you must let me know how you are unholstering your chair as that is my winter project. I have a chair in my quiet space and it is in desperate need of a make over but I have been putting it off for a while but think it is time to bite the bullet.... have a happy day

  2. Thanks! There may be some pictures and/or a blog later about my chair actually, so you may be in luck :) It's not an original idea, it's an amalgamation of several ideas from a book I picked up really cheap on the weekend that has some great ideas. I'd better get on with it! Tell me, so you twitter?