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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Prima! Prima! Prima!

So, after months of secrecy, I can finally proclaim my love for Prima magazine and the loveliness they have shown me.

Of course I'm thrilled with the photos and it was so kind of them to allow me to use them on the blog too, they didn't have to do that.

The whole experience of being involve with Prima, has been lovely, and of course I'm thrilled with the article. I feel some hand made "thank-you" cards coming on!

I'd like to take the opportunity to welcome my new followers, of which there are several. Page hits wise, we're just coming up to the 30,000 mark and I'm astounded by that. Thank you to all the lovely people that have helped me in every way.

And just to top it all off, how inspiring as a whole is this month's Prima?! So many fabulous ideas for things to do and make, and I'm feeling so inspired that it's starting to keep me awake! Literally, that does happen - if I don't have enough of an outlet for my creativity it builds and builds in my noggin until I can't take any more and burst into a frenzy of creativity! I'm really trying to keep it all under wraps though as I've got so many thing s half done and so much I want to tell you about...and I'm trying desperately hard to forget temporarily that it's best friend birthday season coming up. I have two, and a whole lotta lovely ideas for pressies for my ladies what I love dearly.

So until later, enjoy your extra hour in bed, and if anyone can explain to me how I can get more housework done on the days I work a double shift than on my days off, I'd be really interested to hear from them!


  1. Glad your experience with Prima was successful. I had a day with Prima last year they shipped me to London and gave me a make over and the pictures were then in Prima. As I pointed out to everyone who emailed when they saw the pictures 'its surprising what a bit of lippy and good lights can do for a girl'. I loved the day and love Prima always have always will.
    With regard to housework my theory is talc upstairs dust downstairs but who cares....
    Have a happy week.
    Beverley x

  2. Ok I am a backwards person I always start in the wrong place and sometimes at the finish and work my way to the start. what I am trying to say is that I already commented on your blog. But hey you need lots of encouragement. You will be onBreakfast TV next or Thismorning or something amazing.
    Watch out Allsop lady !!!!
    I cant wait to see our TV series or even film come on reach for the sky . Ok did I say I get carried away sometimes.

    Seriously you are an ispiration to people.
    If only more people in society would take notice of this and how they are WASTING money .

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha Tracy you sound just like my sort of person! I'd love to go on the telly, would be AWESOME, and thanks for your really kind comments! Please stay in touch


  4. Beverley,

    How bloomin' annoying, I posted a lovely reply to your comment and it didn't post. Gutted.

    In a nutshell, it said, Prima is fab, your housework ethos is awesome :)

    Bethan xxx

  5. Just read my Prima and am now very inspired!! I am a creative person but have two little ones and don't have as much time to make things anymore. Having read about you I realised how much I miss it!! I have so many ideas in my head and now I can't wait to get started!!! Oh, and I don't suppose you would share your recepies? Your chutneys sound fabulos!!!
    Have a happy week!

  6. Hi Ulrika! I might share them if you're nice :) ha ha ha are you on facebook?

    Feel free to add me :)

  7. Hello, I just popped in to say I read about you in Prima and I am in total agreement with everything you said about Christmas.I and my family have for years capped the amount we spend on each other, but I've found others have been very scathing when I've mentioned it.In fact one comment was " oh, you must just buy a lot of cheap cr*p then!" We spend no more than £5 on each other, but we have some fabulous presents, mostly homemade chutney, shortbread, sweets and things like knitted scarves etc. These things are lovely to get/receive and so much more satisfying to make than trawling round the shops for yet another overpriced "gift set". More importantly,we have a great time together because noone is stressed about it.
    Thanks for this blog - really enjoyable to read! Very best wishes to you!

  8. I LOVED your Prima article, well done you. I've been making a lot of my gifts for years, some better recieved than others! The ones that take less effort are suprisingly enough better recieved, like fudge and shortbread. Last year it seemed to become acceptable, thanks to the recession to give homemade gifts so I'm looking forward to gift giveing this year. I'll be following your blogspot closely as so far I love what I see.

  9. Thank you kind new followers! I'm so glad to see I'm not alone xxx

  10. Hi! I'm another new follower after reading your story in Prima. I have to say, I agree it's ridiculous how much pressure people put themselves under to buy things at christmas. Surely the whole point is to spend time with your loved ones?

    And sales starting at 6am boxing day? I'm still asleep!

    I'm going to have another go at making things for this year. I do a mean chilli jam so that'll be on the list, as well as chocolate fruit cake.

    I have one son so far (another on the way!) and I really don't want him to grow up and be spoilt and expect to have so much money spent on him for christmas/birthdays. It's disgusting what some kids expect nowadays (my son is only 2 so we can start him young on the good stuff!)

  11. Mmmmmmm chilli jam!!!!

    Good for you, you sound like JUST my kind of person! Welcome, and keep in touch xxx

    Thank you!! xx