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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I Think I'm Missing Something...

Note to self: read blog three times before posting today.

I'm so tired, but have sooo much to do. I'm off soon to visit a friend in hospital this evening (get well Jessy Poos :-) and then when I get home, I hope to watch some t.v. in my pyjamas but I will mostly end up face down in bed snoring loudly the second I walk through the door.

Earlier today, feeling a little overwhelmed and bemused as to how so much can need doing after such a short stint of extended working hours, I wrote my "Must Complete Today Even If Your Head Blows Up" list which is different to the standard "to do" list, and the "extended long term goal" list, and I'm pleased to say that I've completed all of my urgent things, but mostly because of guilt.

You know you go to someone's house, who you know is really busy, a community person like me, who also has a job, (but, granted no at home kids or dogs or goats) and you just think to yourself "how in the world do they do that!?". Mid afternoon, you could actually perform brain surgery in any room (that I could see) and it wasn't even apparent that all the junk was stuffed in cupboards, and she's enjoying an hour's sit down with a bit of telly. How?! How is it possible?!

This lady is the key community member around here. She has a job, her husband has a business AND is a councillor, they run the community centre which is in permanent use multiple times a day, and she's just raised £500 to buy new Christmas decorations for the centre. Only a few months ago, they raised £2,000 or more at the fun day, they're in the thick of rehersals for the pantomime their putting on and are already starting the Christmas preparations. And there wasn't even a big pile of laundry in front of the machine! I just don't get it.

So I came home and pulled my finger out through shame. I was quite pleased that I had a joint of ham in the slow cooker and the veg prepped for tea but all of a sudden I felt really rather insignificant.

Sad smiley.

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