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Monday, 4 October 2010

Monday Morning Bluesky

There's nothing like autumn sunshine.

Up reasonably early, husband is home after his trip away with his best mate, so I had to take full advantage of the small window of yoga opportunity that I had. So I did. I loves it I do.

Having put in a multitude of work hours over the last week, I'm now regretting agreeing to work extra today, but very much looking forward to my day off tomorrow. Monday mornings are so busy after my all consuming weekend on, so I'm trying to summon up all my powers of organisation, deliberate-ness and presence to try to get done what I need to today.

Having been super efficient and organised and booked the hotel stays for the big weddings of this year and next year, I'm currently wrestling my creativity because I've been thinking for a while now about making some luggage (well, holdall type things) and I've earmarked certain bits of fabric with which to make said luggage. I really don't have time to start a new project just at the moment, I have other projects as yet unfinished which really need to become finished.

Not to mention a house that looks like a bombed out brickyard. All be it a very pretty brickyard!

But, I've booked myself some reflexology as a little treat for being so good and I can't wait for that.

And I'm coming to the realisation that I'm going to have to reactivate my facebook account. I don't miss it one bit, but it is a very useful vehicle for keeping in touch with certain people, and being part of the online community. I suppose I'll just have to have a massive friend cull. Twitter is SO much better and what I want from the online community, but facebook has it's place. I regret to report.

I'm actually missing some of the people...

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