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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Perfect Way to Spend a Saturday Night (?!)

Husband and dogs all being hung over!
Days like today I thank the heavens for my reclaimed belfast sink!

Well I had to try one .......

So, it's Saturday night and I'm too exhausted for dancing. We did a little of it last night, me and rent-a-crowd, and the husband is still more than a little off colour because of it, much to my amusement!

So, I have a Saturday evening to myself, the pet teenager is away for the weekend, it's cold outside, so most people would curl up with a good book in front of the fire.

I decided to make 65 toffee apples.

Never having made them before and having encountered a few horror stories, I was more than trepidatious about the process, and I learned some valuable lessons about what NOT to do as well as only burning myself once, so I think it's an evening well spent!

What, exactly, are you planning to do with 65 toffee apples, I hear you ask?! Well it's like this ...

We ate 2, so that's 63. We had to make sure they weren't poisonous!

5 are "practice ones" that are being taken to our friends house tomorrow, so that's 58.

8 have been boxed up and will be sent on Monday to my lovely friends DEAR SUPERSTAR as I am personally responsible for their nutritional safety and the upkeep of their energy supplies while recording their genius new album - but it's a secret, don't tell them. So that's down to 50.

35 are for the local youth club, I promised I'd make them for the ever cash strapped group that do SO much for the local little tykes, and I'm hoping that the blog, the W.I. and my new exciting P.R. venture will all get some lovely publicity out of it, so that's 15 we're down to.

Given that the main subject of conversation in our house over the last 2 weeks has been toffee apples, once the teenager gets home, I'm not sure how many of those 15 remaining ones will make it to Halloween, but that should see an end to them, obviously topped up with some home made Halloween cakes for the kiddies....

....so I suppose, what I'm saying is, if I want to take a dozen to my brother and sister in law's bonfire night bash, I'm going to have to make some more! Crikey. That'll be nearly a hundred in a month. And I'd never made one before tonight!

Ooo and peeps, check out THIS blog, www.beverleylovestosew.blogspot.com - no don't actually, Beverley is an utter GENIUS and it makes mine look lame! Ha ha ha ha

Oh well, on with the washing up, I suppose.

Peace :)


  1. Well thank you dear lady :) for your lovely comment. I do not think my blog that fantastic especially when I look at others who have all singing and dancing headers and stuff but I do try. I love to up-cycle and re-cycle but not sure if I could actually make 100 toffee apples you are a star and pity you do not live locally I could be your tester.... have a happy Sunday and see you on the blogice soon.
    Beverley xx

  2. What a lovely thing to say! Isn't it funny how something as (relatively!) simple as toffee apples can unite people of all ages? Perhaps it can be the international symbol for peace!!!

    I LOVE your upcycling and re using, it's what it's all about, not flashy banners