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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Wasting Valuable Crochet Time

I have loads I could be doing. It's not as if I have much free time at the best of times, but sat in the lane half a mile from the house is not the best way of spending a Tuesday morning, although I have done some exercise. I broke down at half eight this morning and am still sat sitting. I have just had a call off the uber-friendly AA man which is going to go some way to brightening your day. Why is it though that I always break down the morning after I've put bio-oil on my hair, the morning I was late getting up and threw on a scabby old t-shirt and dirty jeans? While I was walking from the car to the house (for the first time in years I didn't take my purse out) then to the petrol station, then back to the car, I was wishing that I paid more attention in guides and their "be prepared" motto. But it was less than a week ago I was thinking the same as I "welcomed" in to my chaotic, messy, scruffy looking house a surprise visitor that I knew nothing about. That was the morning after the fire too, so I looked and smelled lovely that day too. I think this morning might have been the superior being's way of telling me to clean my bloomin' car though. But there's always far more interesting, creative things to do than clean cars!

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