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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Vim, and, Indeed, Vigour

I've had a few little things on my mind this last few weeks, but I'm back, invigorated and hungry for messing about with stuff and creating something new and exciting from things I already have.

I was given a beautiful gypsy skirt a few months ago, gorgeous Indian printed fabric and I was amazed at just how much fabric could be in one skirt. Sadly, after overdosing one night on Gok Wan's fashion fix, I decided that I was correct and that that shape skirt just didn't suit me. Of course, there's no way I was going to part with it as it's just too lovely, so I cut the waist band off, hemmed the edge, and have now got another beautiful, hand printed sarong dress. In actual fact, it's so long that I could easily wear it as a Sari (once I find out how to tie them!) or I can fold it in half and wear it as a sarong dress. it's SOOOO beautiful, I'm thrilled with it.

I also managed to finish my cardigan/wrap thing. My Nana is always picking up wool in charity shops for me and she picked up two different fawn colour sets. One is a pretty bobbly acrylic mix and the other is mohair. Neither really enough to do anything with, so I randomly combined the two and made a wrap/cardi, complete with a horn shaped button my Nana has had in her button tin since I was a child. I'm also really pleased with that. Once I had finished that, I wasn't ready to put the crochet down so out of an odd ball of pretty yarn, I made me a little hat that Hubby likes to call my "sea anemone" hat. I do see what he means actually, it does look like one. I'm now at the start of a denim coloured sock hat, I'm not sure if this one is going to work out. Next time I have a couple of hours spare I might get my Nana to teach me to knit - I think the sock hat would be better knitted. I can always undo it.

So, there have been some birthdays, some home made cakes delivered, and I can honestly say that everyone has been equally as happy to receive a handmade cake than any other gift I could have come up with. Like I said to my "god" daughter's Gran - "gifts are supposed to be just that. A token of how you feel about that person and how much you love them. It's not supposed to be life changing". The subject came up because I had bought my "god" daughter flowers for her 6th birthday. She thought it was wonderful and terribly grown up, and her Mum didn't have some other five minute wonder to worry about what to do with once she grew out of it.

And the time has cometh that one must really start thinking about Christmas. I have started on my "god"daughter's present as it's probably going to take the longest. I still have many many more to do. The cooking needs to start, the sewing should have already started and oh my goodness - how many hours did you say I could cram into one day??!?!

oh and before I forget - a very lovely lady has had an unwanted visitor and is now in the process of kicking it into touch.


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