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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Long Time - No Blog

So that's the first of the big weekends over and done with, and not in the most spectacular style.

Tonsillitis at a festival is not cool. At all. I can barely remember any of it, I was in such a daze for pretty much all of it dealing with the incredible pain and misery. Lucky enough, a second disaster was averted, Jane picked up with a migraine at the end of the first day, but thanks to some super mad painkillers that we needed more of, disaster averted.

51 1/2 weeks I've been waiting for this weekend and deciding what to wear, how to do my make up etc, etc, etc. On the 3rd day I was secretly crying in bed because I didn't want to go. Gutted. Serves my own right for overdoing things I guess.

So I never got to wear my 1940's headscarf, or most of the things I'd made/altered for the event. On the last day I didn't blow dry my hair, put make up on or anything remotely nice. I just wanted to be at home. That feeling sucks. On that same day, to demonstrate how poorly I was, everyone was in bikinis as it was boiling. I had on footless tights (70 denier), denim shorts, black linen trousers, a vest, two jumpers, a long sleeved t shirt and a pashmina and I was still SO cold I wrapped myself in my rain poncho for extra warmth. The sun was so hot that I got the worst sunburn of the weekend that day on my legs, through the tights, shorts and trousers. Unbelievable.

So my not buying anything wasn't as much of a big deal as I had thought, to be honest. I just didn't have the energy for it if I could have bought something. Although when I was starting to go downhill on the second day, I had to buy some long socks and a blanket as my two jumpers and pashmina weren't doing the job well enough. I was annoyed about that, but you just can't pack for all eventualities. Sometime or other you're going to get caught out.

On the plus side, my surrogate son had a marvelous time and managed to secure himself some kick-ass footage of himself on the second stage with 30 Seconds to Mars! I don't think there are many that could say that.

But anyway, I'm back, back to regular bogging and about to find a really cool programme on R4 I heard on Thursday as I was getting ready to go. Will share when I find.

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