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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Soup and Line Dancing

It comes to something when you need to go to work for a rest. As you know I love my work, and I also seem to love to agree to work when I don't want to . I really need to get more strict with what I agree to doing. I've agreed to work a shift tonight, even though it's not really convenient. Well, I say "a shift" what I actually mean is that I'm taking a partially sighted lady line dancing! And getting paid for it! I know! How could I refuse?!?

The members of the craft group have dwindled and I'm quickly realising that not only can you not please all the people all the time, but you can't please any of the people any of the time. I'm not going to pack it in though, there's a little hardcore group of us that are using the time wisely, making things for the community fun day in June, at the moment making miles and miles and miles of bunting for the streets. We're having a band parade and EVERYTHING, so I'll be able to stand there looking at my old bedsheets flapping about on a lamp post thinking "I remember having that on the bed!".

This afternoon, I'm babysitting my Stepmother's shop. It's the most peace and quiet I've had for ages. Which isn't that peaceful or quiet because I've just made a nice big sale and taken a load of orders. I am glad now for five minutes peace because I don't seem to have had 5 minutes to write for ages.

So the festivals are looming and I'm getting thinner. I need some more peace and quiet so that I can get on with my clothing alterations. I now have very few pairs of trousers I can wear and only one pair of jeans. I have another pair that I can get away with when I pull my belt tight enough to keep them up but there's inches of squashed up fabric around my waist. I'm not bragging about it, it's been slow and bloody hard work, It's just that I can't just pop out and buy some new jeans or anything, so I have a plan.

Seeing as I'm in the market now (Pontypool Indoor) I'm going to go and have a chat with the nice lady who has the Make, Do and Mend stall and see if we can come up with an arrangement to take in my jeans. My machine simply can't cope with the fabric, and I don't think I'm quite THAT brave to try with jeans anyway. A few of my pairs will nearly have to be cut in half, I'd think! I'll enjoy wearing the smaller versions.

The beetroot soup went down a storm. Ms. Brooks had pink teeth for a week, so I believe! Roasted a load of tomatoes yesterday and I'm going to blend them all up when I get home for some soup. As Download is looming SO fast I have embarked on a punishing gym routine in order to get some more pounds off before then. I have to go to the gym once I'm done her (the 8th time in 8 days) and then home for some soup and line dancing. I'm so rock'n'roll :)

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