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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Rude and Crude - and wedding cake!

Mission birthday cake achieved and delivered. Really, really late. Terribly sorry about that Step-mother. Follow up gift DEFINITELY required.

Polling day. Finally. Maybe the news will talk about something else after the next day or so. I must be honest I was SO confused about what to do and who to vote for that I did consider not voting. The trouble with that was that every time I closed my eyes I could see Emiline Pankhurst chaining herself to railings. But the thing is, the people I want in power where I live sadly are representatives of the person I do not want in power in Westminster.

So, I ask this question. Talking of the oil spillage, which we weren't. Why is it that BP have sought to stick a massive bung in the hole spewing crude oil in to the gulf area after 16 days? Would it not have been a better idea to have done it immediately?

I heard earlier that BP were adopting a new approach earlier today. Instead of stood watching the oil gush out, thumb up bum, they were going to try to "catch" the oil and try to store it in a tanker. Well, I bet the person that came up with THAT idea has a degree in cunningness from the university of cunning. For goodness sake people.

And why is it that several news stations, naming no names (Radio 1 Newsbeat and Radio 4 - yes, I kid you not Radio 4), have reported in the last week that "authorities are worried about the environmental disaster that could be posed by the oil spillage". Is it not already an environmental disaster?!?! Exactly how could it dissipate with no other consequences? Bloody BP, profit before everything - they've got us over an (oil) barrel though, haven't they?

Well, I've just been told that Hubby had to go out and buy another sack of Goat fodder yesterday as the little blighter had pulled the other sack down and eaten it.

Apparently, she (her sex is once again up for debate - Hubby's convinced of her maleness!) has only gone and pulled the new bag down and eaten that now too! I hear she can barely move, she's eaten so bloomin' much. The fat get!

And Ms. Brooks reports that while tasting lush, my beetroot soup has the effect of a 1980's plaque highlighting tablet on her teeth! Ha ha ha ha ha - I'd pay good money to see that! I'm locking up my food cupboard tomorrow as Ms. Callan and her "gentleman caller" are coming to visit and she might try to rob more of my scran. You know what she's like. I think I'll knock up a little banana cake to give some (unnecessary) assistance to the nuptial arrangements.

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