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Monday, 17 May 2010

Scratch and Sniff

I'm rather impressed with myself today. I had a sore throat yesterday all day and when I woke up this morning it was dreadful. Felt like someone had snuck in and poured acid down my throat in the night. Add in cold sweats, aching from head to toe and ears feeling like they've been stuffed with cotton wool, and that just about sums up how I've felt today.

I called in sick to work, hardly fair of me to pass that on to my lovely carees (and I think I got it from one of them in the first place) and stayed in bed. Until 17.00. And I reckon I must have been awake for less than an hour all day. Hubby very kindly then cooked me some tea and within half hour, I'm feeling wiped out again. Sucks. I don't get ill like this these days as my diet is so good. I've managed to see off all germs like that since I started on Slimming World - another good reason to join as if loosing massive amounts of weight wasn't enough!

I have some exciting news to pass on. I have been elected President of the Crumlin Women's Institute for the year. I'm really looking forward to the challenge and will be going out of my way to raise the profile of the W.I. in my locality and gain some new (hopefully younger) members to rejuvenate the group. I'm intending approaching the local papers and radio stations with the hope of doing some PR - has anyone any contacts I might be able to exploit or ideas for how to generate new members? Thinking caps on!

I also had to buy something. I didn't just "fall in love with some new shoes or anything, don't worry, my expenditure was justified, but I still feel a bit bad about it! I had to buy some new pants. My old undercrackers had literally fallen to pieces and, when you take into account my weight loss, they were quite literally falling off. Not a good look! Even then, though, I rejected consumerism - I took them to the till to pay and the lady told me that they were on offer, buy one get one half price. Well I did some quick mental calculations and decided to reject an obvious attempt to get me to part with even more cash, and declined the offer. I was pleased with that. I think previously I would have ran back and got the other pack, but I really didn't "need" them. It's only a bargain if you genuinely need it! I also had to buy a hat for Download. I very nearly passed out with sun last year, so I picked up my black trilby. I had asked EVERYONE I know, but no one had one I could steal. The fact that I have to have men's hats does not help either. Unfortunately I have a rather large cranium, which does limit my options!

We went to a car boot sale on Sunday and I was rather pleased with my treasure I found there. I went looking for craft material, wool, buttons, that sort of thing, but I was pleased to find some people there selling things from a hotel or B&B they must've given up. I unfortunately dropped my hand blender the other day. I'm gutted actually because I've only had it 10 years. It has (had) loads of life left in it yet. It isn't dead yet, but it's certainly not very well. I thought I could do with a proper blender because of all the soups and health foods I make and I managed to pick up an industrial one for £7 at the car boot, and the sellers threw in a spare jug too so I can make double quantities now too.

Meg had some lovely bargains that saved her some money. Corkscrew hair curlers, never been used and two lovely going out jackets, some lovely bits and pieces to go in her wardrobe (still bloomin' growing, her, not the wardrobe!) and all without going into a shop. See previous blog about value.

The craft group is making a real big dent in the preparations for the local fun day. We've now made yards and yards and yards of bunting, still got much more to do though, and all the signs etc for the stalls for the day. It's going to be a good day. It certainly was last year, despite the weather. After the decorations are finished, we then start on the costumes for the pantomimes. Now that WILL be fun!

I had an idea for a one piece cardigan last week too. I had wool at home that my Nana had picked up for me, so I've stared that off now too. I've combined two different yarns in sort of stripes for effect and ear marked a huge reclaimed horn shaped button for the front. It's predominantly mohair and makes my nose itch like hell when I'm crocheting it, but it's looking pretty good. I rather hope it works to plan, and, to be honest I can't see why it wouldn't.

We'd been promised a TV bracket a while ago for our little portable telly downstairs, but, to tell the truth, we got fed up of waiting! Hubby "liberated" some timber that had been fly tipped, picked up a couple of brackets and has manufactured an absolutely stonking purpose built bracket. I'm really pleased with it - was definitely worth the wait.

So it's officially the time that I can start packing for Download and I really need to get cracking on my outfits. I have several items needing my attention for the weekend. and I'll keep you informed as to my progress. I can't believe it's only 3 weeks away, I can keep my fingers crossed from now on for the weather.

Coming on tomorrow's blog - I have nearly run out of soap, so I placed my first order from the Mitcheldean Soap Co. Look out for the loveliness tomorrow ... does anyone know how to do a scratch and sniff blog...?!


  1. Living in Cardiff I dont suppose Id qualify for your WI :(

  2. If you're prepared to travel, we'd love to have you! Maybe you could join one more locally if not?! xxx