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Saturday, 3 April 2010

My Facebook friends laughed at my status yesterday that read " Bethan James-Brunell just got Meg out of bed when she was just dropping off to try on a dress I'm making her. The sense of justice in getting her up now hasn't yet balanced out from the baby years and I still enjoy it every time".

This is, in fact, very true. But I was excited about the dress - I still am.

My reasons for making it are several. I found a pattern on line that looked really good if it worked. It does. So now I can make one for myself. I also had a piece of lovely fabric that was not big enough to make something for me really, but just the perfect size for skinny minny. Also, even though I've always said that my anti-consumerism won't be forced down the throat of said teenager, the thought of paying high street prices for things is even more out of the question now. I also like a challenge. To make for nothing something beautiful and adaptable out of a fairly small piece of otherwise redundant fabric, that is totally unique, bespoke and specially for her.

I introduced the teenager to the joys of charity shop shopping the other day. With their social lives being even more fruitful than us oldies, they, I'm told, require a plethora of garments for every occasion. She's not quite as resourceful naturally as me, so I'm trying to teach her what I can. She's been eyeing up a particular dress for ages in New Look. It's £25, which, admittedly isn't a great deal of money for a dress, but it's very straight forward, fairly high fashion so won't be wearable for ever really and simply not worth it. Exploring the theme of "value" and "worth" in an earlier blog made me even more reluctant to part my hard earned cash. For £15 in the charity shops she had a lovely classic dress, a brand new going out top with the labels still on and a skirt that she'd been looking for everywhere. A few simple alterations and it's all made to measure.

I wish I had me for a mother when I was a teenager, I tell you. And you wanna see this dress ...if I do say so myself, it's rather good.

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