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Monday, 5 April 2010

Creativeness up the yin-yang

Rain, once again, stopped play on the mountainside and I didn't even get chance to take photos. When it comes down, it REALLY comes down. But I raked over some topsoil, so the tree, rhubarb an vines can go out shortly. Hubby has recently connected up my water butt down there too and in less than a week, it's completely full. Just from the water coming off the goat shed. At least we know it can take a second one anyway, to make sure we can get through the summer.

I'm feeling SO creative at the moment it's almost irritating. I've hurt my crochet finger, so crochet is painful but I'm carrying on regardless as my Nana got me some wool from a charity shop the other day and it's lovely. It's getting turned into a Larkrise style shawl and it'll be well comfy and warm so I'm plodding on, in pain. Sniff. I've put in many hours over the last couple of days ion the heartagram beading. It's taking FAR longer than I thought, but I am getting there slowly. I'm really taking my time with it too as I've discovered that there's no such thing as an easy or quick way to do it, the more time you take, the better it looks and sits, so patience very much required.

I've also made two nappy dispensers. Not using them for nappies though, tea towels instead. I'm really pleased with them as they look really pretty. I just need to get hubby now to put me up a hook or two...

I really want to start on my super special dress now too. The teenager has now tried on said dress and it's rather good indeed. Dying to get on with mine but I'm craving making a weekend bag with my favorite fabric for some reason, also craving covering one of my little going out bags with buttons, and generally doing all sorts of crafty stuff. I'm pleased that I've a - managed to work out how to properly wind bobbins and b - sew stretchy fabric on my sewing machine. I've spent ages on line over the last few days trying to locate a user manual for my machine, so far, to no avail. My machine was bought from my step mother who doesn't see the point in wasting gadget using time reading manuals! Ha ha ha ha

SO, not got so much work on this week so I'll have a bit of time for creativeness. I anticipate getting a bit done this week. I have a massive pile of things that need alterations and amendments, so I'd like to bang out a few of those too.

In addition to my home made oat based moisturiser I'm fancying having a crack at making my own cheese too. And growing sour dough mixture. Been watching River Cottage again.


  1. hmmm make and model of said sewing machine? I may be able to find one for you x

  2. I would love you forever if you could!!! It's an E&R NT22 xxx