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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Surfacing for air

Happy Friday! Well it is for me anyway.

Having done a mammoth first real set of shifts, I feel rather pleased and quite excited about having some time off. Of course, I have already planned enough activities to keep me going for a month of down-time.

I found a special secret dress pattern online a few days ago. It's a very special, very versatile, and really rather simple; just the way I like it. So I'm going to make two of them. This is one pattern that I won't be sharing - somethings are just SO for keeping to yourself! Sorry!

I really need to think about some Easter gifts for the children off the family. I know, I know, not much time. But I'm thinking jelly mold, lots of bars of chocolate, melted, tin foil and yellow ribbon. I had planned to make solid chocolate eggs, but I don't anticipate getting an egg shape mold at this short notice.

Watched some inspirational telly last night too. The "how to grow your own drugs" man made some homemade oat based dry skin ointment. It was really simple, and, might well make it into my Christmas hamper list. The wonders of the Internet, eh, I can find the bees wax etc required for making it. Might be nice with some of Sara Soap's wares. I thoroughly recommend all of you, that haven't already, take a little look at www.morethanbubbles.co.uk for some sheer gorgeousness!

So the vines are budding, the window sill is getting greener as my seedlings develop. The goat house is read for his lordship, the decking is finished, so the useless patch of waste ground has, in part, become useful again. Everything Hubby's used has come from the reclamation yard, other than the fence posts, and has been put to use in addition to the existing materials we had. So some more photos will be available soon.

You'll be pleased (?) to know that, mammoth shift over, normal service will be resumed!

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