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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Countdown to the Highlight of the Year

This has been my weekend in work, hence the quietness. But I'm fairly free, other than my regulars, now for a fortnight.

So Madame is settling in lovely. Only trouble is (she says it like she thinks it's a bad thing!) the little Madame is getting really quite attached to me. To the point that if I go out the back and I'm not going down to see her, I have to hide or she shouts her head off at me! The kisses are getting more frequent, and I've discovered her very favorite thing in the world other than newly fluffed up straw - Rich Tea biscuits. They apparently are like nectar! So Goat Central visitors come prepared, just in case I'm not to ensure some contact!

In my few hour off over the weekend I've taken advantage of the sun and gone and spent a good few hours sitting with her. I have had a little project to do down there also. I have this knotted string bag thing that I keep my onions in. It came around some of those pointless decorative wicker balls from Ikea and has served it's replacement purpose very well. But it's now falling to pieces and is irreparable as it's just deteriorated. So I used some garden twine and I copied it. Took me best part of 3 hours but was simple, therapeutic and effective. Also the chances of me coming down in the morning to find my kitchen covered in free rolling onions are dramatically reduced. As per usual, not content with just making one thing that simple and useful, I'll be rolling it out for a multitude of predominantly fruit and veg holding purposes. Amongst other things, I expect!

I bought a plastic greenhouse the other day. I figured it'd last me a year or two until I assess it's use age and whether or not to think about a glass one or something similar. Sadly, it's not yet up as there were no screws in the box. Hubby has been busy making our Southfork style gates for the land over the last couple of days anyway so he probably hasn't had 5 minutes to find new screws let alone put it up. I might do it myself tomorrow, but, as usual after only 2 full days (0800 - 2300) of work, the house it a state.

I'm still dying to get on with my weekend bag I have in my mind, but the official Download countdown has started, so I'm starting to think about what I need/want, have to make/mend and alter. Starting with my cowboy sun hat. It needs to be different to the other 20,000 people that wear them. I'm thinking buttons. And I'm still ever hopeful that I'll have a men's trilby in black or grey or something similar donate by then too.


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  1. Hahahahaha! I'll give it my best shot just for you! LOL And tell Madame I'll bring her some biccies. Can't wait to meet her :)